Insurance- A Summary

health-insuranceYou may be thinking now, “I may not need insurance”. You may have great confidence about your financial empire. On the other hand you may be so concerned about return of investment of an insurance policy. Let us first discuss the core reason to have insurance policy.

You have worked hard to build solid financial footprint for you and your family. You want to maintain the status throughout your life time. But unfortunately everything in life is uncertain. Accidents and disasters can and do happen anytime which may ruin your financial empire. So you want to protect yourself, your assets and ability to earn.

life-insuranceWhether you like or not, you have to pay a monthly payment from your hard earned money as an insurance premium. If not, an unfortunate incident may affect your ability to earn. In such case you have to use your current assets, to meet day today expenses. Ultimately change in your life style, family relations; social status will put you in a desperate hole in a heartbeat If you decide to get insurance, you should find reliable insurance agent and insurance company. The insurance agent should be able to analyze your need and gives you optimum solution. Always go for a good insurance company.

A Note on Insurance

americap_familyWith all of the healthcare debate going on in the government and media, we as a country are constantly bombarded with information on reform and why it is necessary to cover individuals and families with regards to health insurance.The basic question we are trying to answer is “Why We Need Insurance”? When you are young, it is your parents and/or guardians that make sure you are well cared for and that any mishaps or accidents are attended to quickly.

insurance (1)As you reach the age of 18, your parents have relinquished their responsibility to you as a responsible adult to take care of yourself and those around you. Insurance is a tried and true method of protecting yourself and your loved ones assets in the event an unforeseen accident or illness occurs.

The foundation of our society relies on the insurance model to protect ourselves, our families and others in case of an accident or mishap. Eventually, an asset will be damaged due to fire, flood or other catastrophic event. It is not id but more when it will happen and the level of your coverage will determine how you will be able to recover. our family will always need protection for the eventual broken bone or hospital stay.